Central PLEIADES Server Progress

PLEIADES diagram
In past few months we have worked on a specification of the PLEIADES platform’s interfaces, its hardware and software architectures, and database structures.

The main goal of these efforts was to complete the results of previous work packages (e.g. the user requirements on the platform) with a working central PLEIADES server. Final specifications have almost been completed and the first version of the central server has already been deployed. This now allows all partners to continue on the development of their unique PLEIADES connectors. We expect to have the first prototype of the whole ecosystem, consisting of the server and several connected software tools, ready in few months.


Using this prototype, PLEIADES will demonstrate how a BIM-like model, containing data required for decommissioning planning, can be used for scenario simulations that could improve safety, minimise radiation exposure, and optimise costs and schedules.

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