One Year of PLEIADES Activities

Read about some of the PLEIADES project activities over the first year of the project
achievements 2
The PLEIADES project’s activities have primarily been carried out within the work package dedicated to eliciting user/industry needs and associated requirements, with focus on integrated support concepts like the one proposed by PLEIADES.

Results achieved so far were documented in three deliverables that will be published by the Commission soon. The first deliverable (D1.1) explains the process and methods used for establishing needs and provides detailed results from each step of the process, concluding in a summary of common high priority needs that will be used a base for developments in the project. The second deliverable (D1.2) explains how general requirements were defined based on these needs. The most important result in this report is a set of use-case stories translating the needs and general requirements into practically applicable information that will be used as a base for developing a system architecture, prototype implementations and demonstration exercises. The third report (D1.4) summarises results of the task for developing a general ontology proposed as an international standard knowledge representation for nuclear decommissioning processes.

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