Related Initiatives

Check out some related initiatives such as sister projects, tools and more below:
The SHARE Project

The EU-funded SHARE project will offer comprehensive guidelines for research allowing stakeholders to address threats and challenges, decrease costs, and improve safety.

IDN Wiki

A wiki maintained by the International Decommissioning Network (IDN) providing data on as case studies, technologies, materials, costs and more to members.


VIRCORE is a software developed for the management and decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants, used in the initial stages of the decommissioning of Santa María de Garoña NPP, including Physical Inventory and Radiological characterisation.


The dECOmm research project supports companies’ own parallel projects and includes building information models; virtual and augmented reality; radiation transport and dose modelling; artificial intelligence; human factors; operating and licensing framework; Innovation ecosystems and ecosystemic business.


The EU-funded ELINDER projet aims at stimulating vocational training in nuclear decommissioning in the EU. PLEIADES could be associated to ENLINDER’s program, for its user-friendly training capabilities and the provision of cutting-edge technology trainings.