The PLEIADES project gathers 14 partners from 7 European countries and consists of research institutes, industrial companies, SMEs and technical safety organisations (TSOs), bringing together expertise in nuclear and digital technologies.
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Catenda AS makes Bimsync®, a cloud based collaboration platform. It holds a central position in the developing bodies for both the IFC, BCF and bSDD standards under buildingSMART. Catenda is a multinational member of building SMART.

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Project Coordinator: CEA is a public institution playing a major role in research, development and innovation. It operates in the fields of nuclear energy, defence, technology, and fundamental research in other domains.

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CYCLIFE DS assists in digital transition to other companies, develops specific software applications and provides engineering studies services and training in the nuclear field.

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EDF group is the world’s leading electricity company and global leader for low-carbon energy production.

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ENRESA is a public company founded by the Spanish Government for the management of radioactive wastes.

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IFE is an independent research organisation in Norway. It is in one of the leaders in technology development and research in the energy, environmental, petroleum and the nuclear sectors.

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The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)  is a public authority and the national public expert in nuclear and radiological risks contributing to public policy-making concerning nuclear safety and health and environmental protection against ionising radiation.

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IUS is a German-based private consulting company specialised in decommissioning support services comprising radiation protection services, waste packaging, decommissioning planning, and more.

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is a higher education and research organisation. The decommissioning department has a research group for the development of robots for the mapping, characterisation and decontamination of radioactive contaminants.

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LGI Sustainable Innovation is a European innovation-driven business consultancy which has coordinated a number of European projects and regularly leads work packages dealing with the company’s areas of expertise such as innovation management, market, exploitation, economic analyses, technology assessment, and public engagement.

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Light & Shadows (LS) is a French SME supplying Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to major industrial accounts. The objective of Light and Shadows is the implementation of new digital technologies (augmented reality and virtual reality)

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In the nuclear field, Tractebel offers the full range of nuclear engineering services from design to decommissioning of all types of nuclear installations, including nuclear power plants, fuel cycle infrastructure and waste facilities.

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VTT is an impartial non-profit Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) with the national mandate and mission to support economic competitiveness, societal development and innovation, VTT carries out research and innovation activities for the needs of industry and knowledge-based society.

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WAI is a software house company developing the solution AquilaCosting used for calculation of cost estimations in decommissioning of nuclear facilities. The company’s core business activity is a software development – either own software solutions or custom software.